Concertina Rivet Gun
Concertina Rivet Gun

Concertina Rivet Gun

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Discover the unparalleled efficiency of our Concertina Rivet Gun, a must-have tool for both professional and DIY enthusiasts. With a formidable rivet setting capacity of 6.4mm, this rivet gun is designed to handle a wide range of fastening tasks with ease.

Experience the convenience of our tool's rotating head feature, which allows for precision and flexibility when working in tight spaces or at awkward angles. This functionality ensures that you can achieve perfect rivet placement every time, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Our Concertina Rivet Gun boasts an ergonomic design, measuring a compact length of 300mm when closed. This makes it an ideal addition to your toolkit, allowing for easy storage and portability without compromising on power or performance.

When extended, the rivet gun reaches an impressive length of 810mm, providing increased leverage and control for those demanding projects that require extra reach. This feature ensures that you can tackle even the most challenging riveting jobs with confidence and precision.

Engineered for durability and reliability, this rivet gun is the perfect companion for construction, automotive, and aeronautics applications. Its robust construction is designed to withstand the rigours of heavy use while delivering consistent results every time.

Don't let subpar tools hold you back. Upgrade to our Concertina Rivet Gun and experience the difference in quality and efficiency. Order now and take the first step towards seamless and professional riveting results.

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