Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP (300)
Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP (300)

Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP (300)

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Discover our versatile Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP, a comprehensive collection of 300 pieces designed to meet a wide range of fastening needs. This set is an essential addition to any professional tradesperson's toolkit or a handy asset for DIY enthusiasts tackling various projects around the home or garage.

Our Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP set includes a variety of sizes to ensure you have the right fit for any task. The Speed fastener u-clip No 8 is provided in a generous quantity of 75 pieces, perfect for securely fastening components with ease and reliability.

For smaller applications, the Speed fastener u-clip No 6 is included with 50 pieces, offering a snug fit for lightweight fixtures. These fasteners are manufactured from high-quality bright zinc plated (BZP) steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

When dealing with heavier materials, the Speed fastener u-clip No 10 and No 12, each available in 75 and 50 pieces respectively, provide the extra strength needed for a firm hold. These fasteners are ideal for automotive repairs, machinery, and general maintenance tasks.

For the most robust fastening requirements, the Speed fastener u-clip No 14, supplied in a set of 50, is the largest in our assortment. These clips are perfect for securing thicker panels or heavier components where a strong grip is paramount.

Our Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP set is not only versatile but also easy to use, providing a quick and efficient method of fastening without the need for special tools. The u-clip design allows for rapid assembly, saving you time and effort on any job.

Invest in the Assorted Speed Fasteners BZP (300) set today and experience the convenience and reliability of our top-quality fasteners. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, this set will become a go-to component in your fastening solutions. Order now and ensure you're always prepared for your next project.

Please note: Always ensure you select the correct size of speed fastener for your specific application to guarantee the best performance and safety.

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