Assorted Self Tapping screws Posidrive 6-12 (800)
Assorted Self Tapping screws Posidrive 6-12 (800)

Assorted Self Tapping screws Posidrive 6-12 (800)

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Discover the versatility and reliability of our Assorted Self Tapping Screws Posidrive 6-12 set, perfect for a wide range of DIY projects and professional applications across the UK. Each screw is crafted with precision to ensure a secure and lasting fit into materials such as wood, plastic, and metal without the need for pre-drilled holes.

Our Self Tapper 6 x 1/2 (100pc) is ideal for those delicate tasks where precision is key. These screws are perfect for attaching components in tight spaces, ensuring a strong hold without splitting the material.

The robust Self Tapper 8 x 1 (100pc) screws are designed for heavier-duty applications, providing a firm grip and ease of use. Their sharp points and high-quality threads make driving them into materials a breeze, saving you time and effort.

For a reliable hold in various materials, our Self Tapper 6 x 3/4 (100pc) screws are the go-to choice. They are manufactured to resist corrosion, ensuring longevity and performance in both indoor and outdoor environments.

When you need a secure fastening with a flush finish, our Self Tapper 10 x 1/2 (100pc) screws are unmatched. Their Posidrive head allows for maximum torque without the risk of cam-out, making your work seamless and efficient.

The Self Tapper 8 x 1/2 (100pc) screws are a staple in any toolkit, offering versatility and strength for a multitude of tasks. Whether you're working on home improvements or professional installations, these screws deliver consistent results.

Our Self Tapper 10 x 3/4 (100pc) screws are engineered for durability and ease of use. They are the perfect solution for fastening materials where you need a combination of speed and holding power.

For those projects that require a bit more grip, the Self Tapper 8 x 3/4 (100pc) screws provide the extra length needed to secure materials firmly in place, ensuring a dependable hold every time.

Completing our set, the Self Tapper 12 x 3/4 (100pc) screws are the heavy hitters of the collection. They are designed to tackle the toughest jobs with ease, providing a strong hold in a variety of applications.

Each screw in our Assorted Self Tapping Screws Posidrive 6-12 (800) set is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring quality and reliability for your projects. With a range of sizes at your disposal, you'll be prepared for any task that comes your way. Order now and experience the convenience and quality of our premium self-tapping screws.

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