Assorted Push-Fit Couplings (Metric) (24)
Assorted Push-Fit Couplings (Metric) (24)

Assorted Push-Fit Couplings (Metric) (24)

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Discover our versatile range of Assorted Push-Fit Couplings, meticulously designed to meet your diverse metric connection needs. Our collection features a comprehensive selection of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for a variety of tubing diameters. Each pack contains an assortment of push-fit couplings that are essential for quick and reliable connections in your pneumatic systems.

Our 4mm push-fit couplings come in a convenient pack of 4 pieces, making them ideal for small-scale applications where precision is key. These compact connectors are engineered for easy installation and a secure fit, ensuring airtight seals and optimal performance.

The 6mm push-fit couplings, available in a pack of 6 pieces, are perfect for moderate flow requirements. They offer a balance of size and functionality, providing a robust connection for your medium-diameter tubing needs.

For larger tubing, our 8mm push-fit couplings are available in a pack of 6 pieces. These fittings are designed for more substantial pneumatic connections, delivering reliable performance and durability for your more demanding projects.

Our 10mm and 12mm push-fit couplings, each available in packs of 4 pieces, cater to applications requiring a wider diameter. These larger couplings are built to handle higher volumes and pressures, ensuring your systems operate smoothly and efficiently.

Each coupling in our Assorted Push-Fit Couplings range is crafted from high-quality materials, offering excellent resistance to wear and tear. They are suitable for a wide array of industries, including automation, manufacturing, and automotive repair. With easy push-fit assembly, these couplings save you time and effort, allowing for quick modifications and maintenance.

Enhance the reliability of your pneumatic connections with our Assorted Push-Fit Couplings. Shop now and experience the convenience and quality that professionals trust. Don't forget to check out our full range of metric push-fit components to complete your system's requirements.

Order your Assorted Push-Fit Couplings today and benefit from our fast UK delivery. For any queries or assistance, our expert customer service team is ready to help you select the right components for your specific needs.

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