Assorted Number Plate Fasteners (300 Pairs)
Assorted Number Plate Fasteners (300 Pairs)

Assorted Number Plate Fasteners (300 Pairs)

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Ensure your vehicle's number plate is securely fastened with our comprehensive Assorted Number Plate Fasteners pack, containing 300 pairs for all your needs. This essential kit is perfect for garages, car dealerships, and DIY enthusiasts across the UK.

Our durable Screw & Nuts set in classic black (50pc) is ideal for a sleek and professional finish, ensuring your number plate stays in place in all weather conditions.

For a clean and crisp look, choose our Screw & Nuts in white (50pc), designed to blend seamlessly with lighter vehicle exteriors or number plates.

Our vibrant Screw & Nuts in yellow (50pc) are perfect for adding a touch of colour or matching with traditional yellow rear number plates, providing a secure fit and a pop of style.

The Plastic Nuts (150pc) included in our set are made from high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and ease of use when attaching any standard UK number plate.

For a more flexible option, our Screws & Caps in yellow hinged (50pc) allow for easy installation and access, making them a convenient choice for regular maintenance.

Our Screws & Caps in white hinged (50pc) offer a discreet fastening solution that maintains the integrity of your vehicle's aesthetic while providing a firm hold.

Choose our Screws & Caps in black hinged (50pc) for a secure and robust attachment that complements any vehicle colour scheme, ensuring your plates remain intact on the road.

For those who require a more robust solution, our Self Tapper 8 x 3/4 (150pc) screws are designed to penetrate metal surfaces with ease, providing a strong hold for your number plates.

Our Assorted Number Plate Fasteners pack is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to maintain, replace, or upgrade their vehicle's number plate fixtures. With a variety of colours and styles, this pack is versatile and suitable for a wide range of vehicles and preferences.

Don't let a loose number plate cause you any inconvenience. Order your Assorted Number Plate Fasteners pack today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your number plate is securely attached and compliant with UK road regulations.

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