Assorted Micro Fuses (200)
Assorted Micro Fuses (200)

Assorted Micro Fuses (200)

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Introducing our Assorted Micro Fuses (200) pack, designed to meet all your electrical needs. This comprehensive pack includes:

  • 3A (20pc)
  • 4A (20pc)
  • 5A (20pc)
  • 7.5A (20pc)
  • 10A (30pc)
  • 15A (30pc)
  • 20A (20pc)
  • 25A (20pc)
  • 30A (20pc)

With this diverse selection, you can tackle any electrical project with confidence, knowing you have the right fuse at your fingertips. Don't let a blown fuse slow you down - stock up on our Assorted Micro Fuses today!

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