Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP (1000)
Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP (1000)

Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP (1000)

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Our comprehensive Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP (1000) pack is an essential collection for any professional tradesperson or DIY enthusiast. This extensive set includes a variety of sizes to ensure you have the perfect fit for any project. Each washer is crafted from high-quality Bright Zinc Plated (BZP) steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and durability for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Within this versatile pack, you'll find 75 pieces of the robust 12mm form c washer, designed to distribute the load of a threaded fastener and prevent damage to the surface being fixed. This makes them ideal for construction projects where structural integrity is paramount.

For slightly smaller tasks, the pack includes 150 pieces of the reliable 10mm form c washer. These washers are perfect for automotive repairs or machinery maintenance, providing a secure hold and ensuring longevity of your equipment.

With 250 pieces, the 8mm form c washer is a popular size, commonly used in a variety of applications from plumbing to electrical installations. Their versatility makes them a must-have in any toolkit.

The 6mm form c washer, included in a generous quantity of 300 pieces, is perfect for more delicate tasks where precision is key. These washers are often used in electronics and home appliances repairs.

Completing the set are 225 pieces of the 5mm form c washer. These smaller washers are essential for hobbyists and crafters, providing a secure fastening in a compact size for intricate work.

Whether you're working on a major construction project, carrying out routine repairs, or engaging in precision crafting, our Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP (1000) pack is the ideal solution. With a range of sizes at your disposal, you can ensure a perfect fit and finish every time. Invest in this set today and be prepared for any task that comes your way.

Order your Assorted Flat Washers M5-M12 BZP (1000) pack now and take advantage of our fast shipping across the UK. Don't let a missing or damaged washer slow you down. Keep your projects moving smoothly with this essential collection of high-quality washers.

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