Assorted Domestic Fuses (280)
Assorted Domestic Fuses (280)

Assorted Domestic Fuses (280)

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Ensure the safety and functionality of your household appliances with our comprehensive Assorted Domestic Fuses pack. This extensive set of 280 fuses is designed to meet the needs of any UK home, providing a reliable solution for circuit protection. Each fuse is crafted with precision to deliver consistent performance.

Our Assorted Domestic Fuses pack includes a variety of sizes to cater to different applications. The 1A fuses (10 pieces) are perfect for protecting low-power devices, while the 2A fuses (10 pieces) are suitable for slightly higher power appliances. The 3A fuses (50 pieces) are commonly used in domestic lighting circuits, ensuring your home stays bright and safe.

For appliances that require a bit more protection, the 5A fuses (50 pieces) in our pack are ideal. The 7A fuses (10 pieces) offer a safeguard for a range of general household equipment. When it comes to more demanding devices, the 10A fuses (50 pieces) provide the necessary security against electrical surges.

The 13A fuses (100 pieces) are the workhorses of the pack, designed for high-power appliances such as kettles, toasters, and irons. These fuses are a must-have in any UK home, ensuring that your daily essentials operate smoothly without the risk of electrical damage.

Our Assorted Domestic Fuses pack is not only practical but also adheres to the highest safety standards. Each fuse is rigorously tested to comply with UK regulations, giving you peace of mind that your electrical systems are protected by quality components.

Don't let a blown fuse disrupt your day-to-day activities. Keep a set of our Assorted Domestic Fuses on hand, and you'll be prepared for any electrical contingency. Order now and ensure that your home is equipped with the essential protection it deserves.

With easy-to-install features, our fuses are user-friendly and perfect for quick replacements. The clear labelling and varied assortment mean you'll always find the right fuse for the job, making this pack a convenient addition to your DIY toolkit or professional electrician's arsenal.

Invest in the Assorted Domestic Fuses pack today and experience the blend of safety, quality, and convenience. Our fuses are the ideal choice for maintaining the integrity of your home's electrical infrastructure. Shop now and safeguard your appliances with confidence.

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