45pc Imperial Tungsten Tap and Die Set
45pc Imperial Tungsten Tap and Die Set

45pc Imperial Tungsten Tap and Die Set

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Introducing our premium 45pc Imperial Tungsten Tap and Die Set, expertly crafted for precision threading and durability. This comprehensive collection is an essential toolkit for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts alike, designed to meet the demands of a wide range of threading tasks.

Our Imperial tungsten tap and die set is engineered from high-quality tungsten steel, renowned for its hardness and resistance to wear. This ensures that each tap and die provides clean cuts and maintains sharpness over extended periods of use, making it a reliable choice for your threading needs.

Featuring taps and dies in both coarse and fine threads, this set is versatile enough to handle a variety of projects. The coarse thread sizes include NC20 x 1/4", NC18 x 5/16", NC16 x 3/8", NC14 x 7/16", NC13 x 1/2", NC12 x 9/16", NC11 x 5/8", NC10 x 3/4", NC9 x 7/8", and NC8 x 1". These sizes are perfect for general-purpose threading in softer materials or where a looser fit is acceptable.

The fine thread taps and dies provide a tighter fit and greater strength, ideal for applications requiring higher precision. The sizes in this set are NF28 x 1/4", NF24 x 5/16", NF24 x 3/8", NF20 x 7/16", NF20 x 1/2", NF18 x 9/16", NF18 x 5/8", NF16 x 3/4", NF14 x 7/8", and NF14 x 1". These are commonly used in automotive and machinery applications where fine threads are standard.

Accompanying the taps and dies are essential accessories to complete your threading toolkit: a sturdy die holder, an adaptor ring for the die holder, a tap holder, a chubby screwdriver, and a T-handle tap wrench. These tools are designed to provide a comfortable grip and precise control, ensuring that your threading work is accurate and efficient.

Whether you're working on restoring classic cars, constructing metalwork projects, or performing maintenance tasks, our 45pc Imperial Tungsten Tap and Die Set is the perfect addition to your tool collection. With its exceptional strength and precision, this set will help you achieve professional results every time.

Order your set today and experience the difference in quality and performance. Don't forget to check out our other high-quality tools and accessories to complement your tap and die set, ensuring you're fully equipped for any threading challenge that comes your way.

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