4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Stainless Steel Cutting Disc
4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Stainless Steel Cutting Disc

4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Stainless Steel Cutting Disc

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Discover the ultimate efficiency in metalworking with our 4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Stainless Steel Cutting Disc, designed for precision and durability. This cutting-edge tool is a must-have for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, offering unmatched performance in the most demanding tasks.

Engineered for excellence, our cutting disc boasts a 115mm diameter, complemented by a razor-thin 1.0mm thickness and a standard 22.2mm bore, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of angle grinders. The slim profile not only accelerates the cutting process but also minimises material waste, making your work more efficient and cost-effective.

Crafted from premium materials, this metal cutting disc is capable of slicing through all grades of steel, including challenging stainless steel surfaces. Its robust construction guarantees a long service life, even under the rigorous conditions of professional use.

Whether you're tackling sheet metal projects, car body work, or cutting mild steel, our disc delivers a clean, precise cut every time. Its exceptional performance is particularly beneficial in the automotive and engineering industries, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Safety is our top priority. We strongly advise that when operating power tools, you should always be equipped with the necessary safety gear. Protect yourself from potential hazards by wearing safety glasses, gloves, and ear protection to ensure a safe working environment.

Before you commence your project, remember to disconnect your power tool from any power source before fitting cutting and grinding discs. This simple precaution can prevent accidents and ensure a safer operation.

For those interested in purchasing larger quantities, we offer competitive rates and are ready to accommodate bulk orders. Please reach out to the seller directly for more information on bulk purchases and to discuss your specific needs.

Optimise your metalworking projects with our top-of-the-line 4 1/2in Slim Flat Stainless Steel Cutting Disc. Experience the difference in quality and performance by adding this essential tool to your collection today.

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