4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Metal Cutting Disc
4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Metal Cutting Disc

4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Metal Cutting Disc

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Discover the efficiency of our 4 1/2in (115mm) Slim Flat Metal Cutting Disc, designed to make your cutting tasks smoother and more precise. With its 115mm x 1.0mm x 22mm bore, this cutting disc is engineered to fit seamlessly with your air cut off tools, providing unmatched performance.

Our cutting disc's thin profile not only accelerates the cutting process but also ensures minimal material waste, making it a cost-effective solution for your metalworking projects. The premium quality of these metal cutting and slitting discs is evident in their durability and the clean cuts they produce.

Specifically crafted for the demands of sheet metal, car body work, and mild steel, this cutting disc is the go-to choice for professionals in the automotive and engineering industries. Its superior design and materials make it ideal for high-precision work and regular use.

The technical specification of A30 RBF highlights the use of Aluminium oxide, a robust and durable grain that is highly effective on ferrous metals and stainless steel. The 30-grain size is optimized for a balance between cutting speed and surface finish, while the R bond hardness ensures longevity and resilience.

Our discs are resin bonded (B) for added strength and are fully reinforced on both sides (F), providing additional safety and stability during use. This reinforcement is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the disc under the high stress of cutting operations.

Safety is paramount in all metalworking tasks. Always wear appropriate safety gear when operating power tools, and ensure that your power tool is unplugged when fitting cutting and grinding discs to prevent accidental starts.

For those looking to stock up on our high-quality cutting discs, we offer competitive rates for bulk purchases. Please reach out to the seller for more information on bulk orders and to discuss your specific needs.

Enhance your metal cutting capabilities with our 4 1/2in Slim Flat Metal Cutting Disc. Its exceptional performance, combined with our commitment to quality and safety, makes it an indispensable tool for any metalworking professional. Order yours today and experience the difference in precision and efficiency.

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