3m x 10ft Tape Measure
3m x 10ft Tape Measure

3m x 10ft Tape Measure

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Discover the ultimate precision and reliability with our 3m x 10ft Tape Measure, a must-have tool for both professional tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts across the UK. Its sturdy plastic body, enhanced with a non-slip rubber casing, ensures durability and a secure grip, making it an indispensable accessory for any construction, woodworking, or home improvement project.

The tape measure's double riveted end hook is designed for sustained heavy-duty use and is complemented by two powerful magnets, providing exceptional utility when working with metal surfaces. This feature is particularly beneficial for hands-free measurements, increasing efficiency and safety on the job site.

Our tape measure boasts a high-power return spring and a convenient tape lock to ensure smooth retraction and secure blade positioning. The added belt clip makes it easy to carry, keeping the tape measure within reach at all times, whether you're climbing ladders or navigating through tight spaces.

Featuring easy-to-read imperial and metric scales, this tape measure caters to a wide range of measuring preferences, making it a versatile choice for diverse projects. The 15mm blade width provides a perfect balance between flexibility and visibility, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

Whether you're measuring spaces for furniture, laying out a new garden feature, or fitting cabinets, our 3m x 10ft Tape Measure is the reliable tool that professionals and DIYers in the UK trust. Don't let subpar equipment hold you back. Choose precision, choose durability, choose our tape measure for your next project.

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