240 Grit Wet and Dry Paper
240 Grit Wet and Dry Paper

240 Grit Wet and Dry Paper

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Discover the versatility of our premium 240 grit wet and dry paper, a must-have for any professional or DIY enthusiast. Its high-quality silicon carbide composition ensures durable and consistent performance across a variety of surfaces.

Whether you're tackling tough metal surfaces or looking to refine wooden projects, our waterproof sandpaper is engineered to deliver a superior finish. Its flexibility allows for easy handling, contouring to curves and reaching into tight spaces with ease.

Perfect for automotive enthusiasts, this 240 grit sandpaper is the go-to choice for preparing car bodies before painting. Achieve a flawless, smooth surface on body fillers and effortlessly clean electrical contacts to ensure optimal conductivity.

Transition from rough shaping to fine finishing with our comprehensive range of grits. The coarse options strip away imperfections quickly, while the finer grades polish surfaces to a high sheen, catering to all stages of your project.

Each sheet measures a convenient 230mm x 280mm, designed to cover a substantial area or be cut down for more precise tasks. Our sandpaper maintains its integrity even when wet, providing a long-lasting solution to your sanding needs.

Available in economical packs of 25 sheets, our 240 grit wet and dry paper offers exceptional value. Stock up today and ensure you always have this indispensable tool on hand for your next project.

Enhance your workmanship with our professional-grade sandpaper, and notice the difference in the smoothness and quality of your finished projects. Order now and experience the superior results that our customers have come to expect.

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