200mm x 4.8mm Green Cable Ties
200mm x 4.8mm Green Cable Ties

200mm x 4.8mm Green Cable Ties

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Discover our versatile 200mm x 4.8mm Green Cable Ties, the perfect solution for organising cables and wires in both indoor and outdoor settings. Whether you're tidying up your home entertainment system, securing garden plants, or managing cables in a professional workshop, these ties are designed to meet your needs.

Our green cable ties are not only practical but also durable. Manufactured from high-quality nylon 66, these ties are engineered to withstand harsh conditions without losing their grip. Their robust construction ensures they are resilient against abrasion and most chemical substances, making them a reliable choice for various environments.

With an operational temperature range that spans from a frigid -40 to a scorching 85 degrees Celsius, these cable ties are built to perform under extreme temperatures. This feature makes them ideal for use in a range of climates and conditions, ensuring they maintain their integrity and functionality no matter the weather.

Boasting an impressive tensile strength of 22.2 kg, these cable ties offer a secure hold for all your bundling needs. They are designed to handle significant weight and pressure, providing a firm and reliable fastening solution for heavier cables or groups of wires.

Each pack contains 100 green cable ties, offering great value for both domestic and commercial users. Stock up on these essential tools to ensure you always have them on hand for any organisational task. Their vibrant green colour also makes them a discreet option for gardening purposes, blending seamlessly with foliage.

Order your pack of 200mm x 4.8mm Green Cable Ties today and experience the convenience and reliability of our top-quality cable management solution. With their superior strength, temperature resistance, and versatility, these ties are an indispensable accessory for efficient cable and wire management.

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