19mm x 20M Yellow PVC Electrical Tape
19mm x 20M Yellow PVC Electrical Tape

19mm x 20M Yellow PVC Electrical Tape

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Introducing our premium quality 19mm x 20M Yellow PVC Electrical Tape, a must-have for professionals in the electrical engineering and construction industries. This versatile tape is designed to meet the rigorous demands of both commercial and domestic applications.

Our yellow PVC electrical tape is not only ideal for general insulation tasks but also excels in colour coding for identification purposes. Its vibrant yellow hue ensures high visibility, which is essential for safety and efficiency when marking out electrical systems or components.

Engineered for durability, this tape provides effective, long-lasting insulation. It withstands a range of temperatures and environmental conditions, making it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Its strong adhesive quality ensures it stays in place, maintaining a secure seal over time.

With safety as a top priority, our electrical tape is certified BS3924 flame retardant. This means it has been rigorously tested to meet British standards, offering peace of mind that it will help prevent the spread of fire, adding an extra layer of protection in critical situations.

The dimensions of 19mm wide x 20M long make this tape highly adaptable for various applications. It's easy to handle and apply, providing a smooth, wrinkle-free fit around wires and cables. The tape can be torn by hand for quick use on the go, ensuring efficiency and ease of use for busy professionals.

Invest in our 19mm x 20M Yellow PVC Electrical Tape today and experience the perfect blend of safety, reliability, and performance. Whether you're tackling a complex wiring project or performing routine maintenance, this tape is the professional's choice for achieving a secure, compliant finish.

Don't compromise on quality when it comes to electrical insulation. Add this essential item to your toolkit and ensure your work adheres to the highest standards of safety and excellence. Order now and benefit from our fast, reliable shipping service across the UK.

For any further specifications or bulk order enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team. We are dedicated to providing you with the best products and service to meet all your electrical needs.

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