180 Grit Wet and Dry Paper
180 Grit Wet and Dry Paper

180 Grit Wet and Dry Paper

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Discover the versatility of our premium 180 grit wet and dry paper, a must-have for any professional tradesperson or dedicated DIY enthusiast in the UK. This high-quality abrasive is perfect for hand sanding or use with a sanding block, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish on a variety of surfaces.

Constructed with durable silicon carbide, our waterproof paper is designed to withstand both wet and dry conditions, making it the ideal choice for projects involving metal and wood. Whether you're working on automotive repairs or crafting fine furniture, this sandpaper will help you achieve the desired result.

Our 180 grit paper is particularly effective for car body work, where precision and a fine finish are paramount. It's also excellent for smoothing body filler, ensuring that your vehicle's surface is perfectly prepped for painting or sealing. Additionally, this versatile paper can be used for cleaning electrical contacts, ensuring optimal conductivity and performance.

Whether you're dealing with major imperfections or aiming for a high-quality finish, our coarse to fine grades cater to all levels of surface preparation. The 180 grit grade strikes a perfect balance, removing unwanted texture while leaving a smooth surface that's ready for further treatment or finishing touches.

Each sheet of our wet and dry paper measures approximately 230mm x 280mm, providing ample coverage for larger areas or can be cut down to size for more intricate tasks. The generous dimensions make it easy to handle and apply to various shapes and contours.

Supplied in economical packs of 25, our 180 grit wet and dry paper offers both quality and quantity, ensuring you have enough to complete your project with consistency and efficiency. Stock up today and experience the difference in your surface preparation and finishing tasks.

Order now and take the first step towards achieving professional-grade results on your next project. With our 180 grit wet and dry paper, you'll elevate the quality of your workmanship and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.

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