16lt Oil Drain Pan 582mm x 472mm x 156mm
16lt Oil Drain Pan 582mm x 472mm x 156mm

16lt Oil Drain Pan 582mm x 472mm x 156mm

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Introducing our robust 16lt Oil Drain Pan, expertly designed to simplify your vehicle maintenance routine. Measuring a generous 582mm x 472mm x 156mm, this pan is the perfect companion for any car enthusiast or professional mechanic. Its large capacity ensures that it can accommodate the fluid from most passenger vehicles and light commercial vans without the need for emptying part way through the job.

Our Oil Drain Pan features an enclosed spout, which is a game-changer when it comes to reducing mess and avoiding environmental contamination. This innovative design minimises spillages, ensuring a cleaner, safer workspace whether you're in a professional garage or your home workshop. The secure spout allows for easy disposal of fluids, making it an essential tool for responsible and eco-friendly fluid management.

With practicality in mind, we've integrated moulded carry handles into the design of our Oil Drain Pan. These handles provide a firm grip, making the transportation of drained fluids a breeze. Whether you're moving oil, coolant, or other automotive fluids, you can do so with confidence, knowing that you have a secure hold on the pan, even when it's full.

Our Oil Drain Pan is the ideal solution for efficiently draining a wide range of vehicle fluids. It's suitable for use with Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Coolants, and Antifreeze, making it a versatile addition to any garage or service centre. The high-quality material used in its construction is resistant to chemicals and solvents, ensuring longevity and durability even with frequent use.

For those seeking a reliable and mess-free way to handle vehicle fluid changes, our 16lt Oil Drain Pan is an indispensable tool. Its thoughtful design and sturdy construction make it a top choice for automotive professionals and DIY mechanics alike. Invest in this essential piece of equipment today and experience the ease and efficiency it brings to vehicle maintenance tasks.

Don't let fluid changes be a chore any longer. Order your 16lt Oil Drain Pan now and take the first step towards a cleaner, more streamlined fluid management process. With our Oil Drain Pan, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a solution that saves time, reduces waste, and helps maintain a pristine work environment.

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