12mm x 10m PTFE Tape
12mm x 10m PTFE Tape

12mm x 10m PTFE Tape

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12mm x 10mm x 0.075mm High-Quality PTFE Tape

Our premium 12mm x 10m PTFE tape is the ideal solution for ensuring a durable, water-tight seal on threaded joints. Perfect for a wide range of plumbing applications, this tape is designed to withstand the demands of both domestic and commercial environments.

Expertly crafted to provide superior sealing performance, our PTFE tape is 0.075mm thick, offering excellent coverage and easy application. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, this tape is an essential component in your toolkit for leak-proof results.

Used extensively for sealing around threads, our PTFE tape is versatile and can be applied on various materials, including metal, plastic, and PVC piping. Its high tensile strength and resistance to high temperatures make it a reliable choice for hot and cold water systems, central heating systems, and air compression equipment.

Each roll measures 12mm in width and 10m in length, providing ample tape for multiple sealing tasks. The tape's thickness and density are engineered to fill gaps effectively, preventing potential leaks and ensuring a secure, long-lasting seal.

To achieve the best results, simply wrap the PTFE tape around the thread in the direction of the thread spiral, ensuring complete coverage. This will create a seal that is both pressure-resistant and chemical-resistant, safeguarding against common issues such as corrosion and wear.

Order your 12mm x 10m PTFE tape today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a professional-grade sealing solution. With our PTFE tape, you can tackle any plumbing project with confidence, knowing that you have a product that is trusted by industry experts across the UK.

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