120 Grit Wet and Dry Paper
120 Grit Wet and Dry Paper

120 Grit Wet and Dry Paper

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Discover the versatility of our high-quality 120 grit wet and dry paper, perfect for a range of sanding tasks. Whether you're a professional tradesperson or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, this durable sandpaper is designed to meet your needs.

Our silicon carbide waterproof paper stands out for its robustness, making it the go-to choice for working with both metal surfaces and wooden materials. Its waterproof nature ensures longevity and consistent performance, even under wet conditions.

When it comes to automotive maintenance, our 120 grit sandpaper is second to none. It's the ideal solution for preparing car bodies before painting, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish that professionals demand. Moreover, it's excellent for refining body filler and achieving that perfect substrate for topcoats.

Electrical professionals will find this sandpaper invaluable for cleaning and maintaining electrical contacts, ensuring optimal conductivity and preventing faults. Its coarse texture efficiently removes corrosion and debris, restoring contacts to their peak condition.

For those seeking a superior finish, our finer grades of wet and dry paper will help you achieve an exceptionally smooth surface, ready for painting or varnishing. The flexibility of our sandpaper allows for easy handling and adaptation to contours and hard-to-reach areas.

The generous sheet size of approximately 230mm x 280mm ensures you have ample material for extensive projects, while the convenient pack of 25 sheets provides excellent value and ensures you're well-stocked for multiple jobs.

Order your pack of 25 sheets of 120 grit wet and dry paper today and experience the difference in quality and performance. Whether you're involved in woodworking, metal fabrication, automotive refinishing, or electrical repairs, our sandpaper is the reliable choice for achieving professional results.

Don't forget to check out our full range of grits for every stage of your project. From coarse grades for initial shaping to ultra-fine grades for the final touches, we have all your sanding needs covered. Shop now and take the first step towards a flawless finish.

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