8in 3 Arm Gear Puller
8in 3 Arm Gear Puller

8in 3 Arm Gear Puller

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For removing components such as gears, sprockets, pulleys,
bearings and much more.
Reversible legs for external or internal pulling capacity.
Screw rod heat treated for added strength.
Hex head screw rod can be used with ratchet or combination spanner.

Crafted with precision engineering, this robust 8-inch 3-arm gear puller is an essential tool for mechanics, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts across the UK. Its versatile design ensures compatibility with a wide range of machinery, making it a must-have for your tool collection.

The durable construction of this gear puller guarantees long-lasting performance, even under the most demanding conditions. The reversible legs not only offer dual functionality but also ensure you can tackle any job with confidence, whether it's automotive repair or industrial maintenance.

Ease of use is at the forefront of this tool's design. The hex head screw rod is specifically tailored to work seamlessly with both ratchet and combination spanners, providing you with the flexibility to use the tools you already have at hand. This feature, coupled with the heat-treated screw rod, ensures a combination of convenience and reliability.

Don't let a stuck gear or pulley slow down your project. With this 8in 3 Arm Gear Puller, you'll have the pulling power you need to efficiently remove even the most stubborn components. Its compact size also means it's easy to store and perfect for on-the-go repairs.

Invest in the 8in 3 Arm Gear Puller today and experience the difference in your mechanical work. Whether you're in the garage or on the factory floor, this tool is designed to deliver top-notch results every time. Order now and add this indispensable gear puller to your toolkit.

For added peace of mind, our customer service team is always ready to assist with any questions you may have about this product. Plus, with fast shipping across the UK, you can start tackling those challenging projects in no time. Enhance your mechanical capabilities today with this reliable and efficient gear puller.

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